Video: Chanel Releases Coco Mademoiselle Film or Keira Knightly, Motorcycle, Bodysuit

We teased Chanel’s COCO Mademoiselle short film/commercial last month here on mM and now we have the full version: 

Chanel brings its classic print ad esthetic to the web with what we hope become a video series featuring Keira Knightly as COCO MADEMOISELLE and a stunning vintage Ducati 750SS cafe racer. 

We also like the music selection was money (“It’s a man’s man’s man’s world”, performed by Joss Stone) as was the riding gear (see skintight racing suit and uber pricey Ruby Belvédère Marceau helmet).

Your notorious curator wishes to note that he should have become a fashion photographer.



Video: Meet Dustin Kott, Cafe Cowboy

Kott Motorcycles does more than breath new life into vintage bikes. The Los Angeles area shop, owned an operated by Dustin Kott, is turning out some seriously clean cafes.

Video: Wrenchmonkees Kawasaki Z970 Scrambler For Sale!

Not sure what it says about us, but we’re sure diggin’ on scrambler/ flat-track-styling these days. We featured The Wrenchmonkees, our favorite Danish garage builders, here in February and just found that their latest creation is officially up for sale.


Meet the WM Z970. It’s featured in issue #7 of Sideburn and shown here in the Monkee’s drivway for your viewing pleasure. 

Interested in burying this or other stuff from Wrenchmonkees? Email


Vintage Honda Porn – Anatomy of a Cafe Racer

What do you do if you’re a farm kid from Southern Kansas? Well… user TommyRocker found one special kid who decided to build a super clean CB750. 


It’s truly a beautiful bike. And while some purists will take issue with un-Honda like lines (note the Norton-style tank), we really love the build. Read more on the builder’s Blog aptly titled Anatomy of a Cafe Racer



We’ll Take Motorcycles for $500, Alex…


Alex Trebec: In the persuit of clean mechanical aesthetics, they seek to explore the basic expression of life on a motorbike. 

MM: Who are the WRENCHMONKEES. Final Answer!


They do not necessarily focus on extreme performance, flashy colours or aerodynamics. They simply build with an eye toward styling and an dynamic driving experience that expresses the potential of each motorcycle. 

According to these crazy Danes, nearly all Japanese, British, Italian, and American motorcycles have models that would make great Monkee bikes. From their POV: “We don’t need legendary models to build legendary motorcycles. We choose our building blocks based on original frame design and engine configuration and every creation rolling out of our garage is built from these key elements with love and affection.”


Moto Guzzi 1000 SP Custom Scrambler

Just spotted on BikeExif, this beautiful Motor Guzzi 1000 SP was built by Marco Lugato, a young Italian architect. Bella Moto, Marco! 



Video: Blitz Motorcycle Gang Rides September

Props to Scott at Pipeburn for posting ‘Riding September’, a French short that acts as music video for the  The Felice Brothers folk/rock song ‘Frankie’s Gun’. Director Clement Beauvais and Producer Arthur de Kersauson (HUSH) captured the local crew at Blitz Motorcycles on a road trip

For those who don’t know Blitz, they’re three buddies — Huge, Leo and Fred — who go on an annual road trips and help each other build bikes they can ride. They only want to ride the bike that they build. Now they’ve made it a business. 

Blitz is (pardon the Google translation) a union of three minds directed toward a common goal: to run on single machines. 

BMW R45 Custom from Italian Glass Artist

The most beautiful BMW project I’ve seen in ages. Dig the full features at BIKEEXIF and Miob’s BMW Cafe



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