Tribute to Wrenchmonkee #20: Ducati 750SS

As you know from a previous post, we love the Wrenchmonkees because they build beautiful bikes. Our friends at Silodome reminded us just how much we like Monkee #20, the less-is-WAY-more naked Ducati 750SS.

As you can see, this is much more modern than your standard monkee, but as Silodrome aptly points out: you can instantly see the design language of the Danish garage running through the build, almost like mechanical DNA. Bravo yet again Monkees! We might just have to rip this off and build one of our own one of these days. 


MONKEE #20 STATS: Ducati 750 SS

– Standard: Frame, swingarm, front fork, exhaust, wheels and brakes.

– WM Built: rearframe loop, fiberglass rear end, LED rearlight, seat, Modified / reshaped tank, front fender, turnsignals, headlight. 

– Off shelf: Megatron mufflers, Tarozzi clip-on´s, Ducati Monster top yoke, Motogadget instrument, M-lock, K&N filters, K&N oil breather, Avon Distanzia, 160/60-17 & 120/70-17

Video: Chanel Releases Coco Mademoiselle Film or Keira Knightly, Motorcycle, Bodysuit

We teased Chanel’s COCO Mademoiselle short film/commercial last month here on mM and now we have the full version: 

Chanel brings its classic print ad esthetic to the web with what we hope become a video series featuring Keira Knightly as COCO MADEMOISELLE and a stunning vintage Ducati 750SS cafe racer. 

We also like the music selection was money (“It’s a man’s man’s man’s world”, performed by Joss Stone) as was the riding gear (see skintight racing suit and uber pricey Ruby Belvédère Marceau helmet).

Your notorious curator wishes to note that he should have become a fashion photographer.



Video: Chanel Teases Coco Mademoiselle; Keira Knightly on Custom 750SS Ducati Cafe

Motorcycles and hot girls go together like movies and popcorn. 


Just this morning, via Return of the Cafe Racers, we discovered the following teaser for the new Coco Mademoiselle film ‘Gabrielle’ starring Keira Knightley and directed by Joe Wright. While the still images show us no indication that she actually does any real riding, we’re hoping that the full film leverages effects enough to make us think so.

Chanel promoises the movie, hot girl, sexy bike combo on March 21; when the full length version debuts on the Chanel website. We’ll be waiting. With popcorn.

Michael V’s Ducati Hypermotard Custom

Found this one on BikeExif this morning. Great job Michael! We look forward to seeing your next one in the forums


Fine Photography – Girls on Bikes…Naked!

As a former Monster owner (m900 and S4), your curator has heaps of respect for all things naked and Desmo. Adding hot bodied women to the mix is a recipe for even more awesome, which is how we found Elizabeth Raab


According to Raab, her model and motorcycle shots explore the multiple relationships between the designed and the natural.


She’s recently snapped these for Ducati where she frames the model as an extension of the bike. If you like, you may want to consider one of 16 limited and signed photographs on sale through Ducati’s Desmo photography collection


Video: Crazy Kiwis Pull Off Tri-Level Burnout

We’re not sure if Kiwis are crazier than Aussies, but they sure think up some crazy-ass stunts. Thanks to our friends at Autoblog, we bring you a 90s Ducati 900ss roasting atop a vintage Ute roasting atop a Flat bed truck roasting on pavement. Enjoy!


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